Meditation Chairs & Furniture

Stillness Room was created to assist people in bringing more tranquility into their lives. By sharing our line of eco-friendly meditation furniture, our intention is to inspire you to create a sanctuary in your home where you can escape the noise and nourish your spirit.

Go Eco-Friendly with Stillness Room

We are proud to offer eco-friendly products to beautify your home. Stillness Room is an advocate for the responsible use of forest products and finishes for our wood products. With this end in mind our entire line of meditation products is created from mango wood and other sustainable materials. Other materials that make up our meditation furniture are fast growing seagrass and banana leaf weaves, both highly abundant and sustainable materials of the region where they are manufactured.

To seal the pieces we stipulate only clear water based finishes be used to eliminate harmful toxins which pollute both the environment and our homes. Our cushions use kapok stuffing, a natural and sustainable material from the Kapok tree. Kapok is a hypo-allergenic fibre which is mold, dust-mite and mildew resistent.

Finally, our 100% cotton cushion covers zip off for easy washing. Ethically manufactured in Indonesia. The meditation chairs, side table and tea table are available in an espresso or natural finish. Cotton cushion covers available in flax or ivory.

Create a Little Mind Space

Create a sanctuary in your home to escape the chaos. Having a sacred space where you can retreat to find a moment of silence and stillness can change your outlook on life, increase your spirit, decrease your stress and improve your overall health and well-being.


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